Sailin’ time part 3 – ENG

Sooo. Here we are again! Almost one month ago that these lines had happened. Since then days came after days, and I just left myself go with the flow – just to use a water-metaphor. But doesn’t matter, the point is, I’m again in front of the monitor, so I can share my newest experiences with you. I do hope that you’re just as happy as me.

10.04. Cochem, Germany

Yes, I’ve been in Cochem again. Had a chance again to meet with Melinda, even if just for a short time. I’ve been waiting for this a long time ago. That was my final destination, to get here. As usual, we arrived in the morning, and as we docked, I jumped out from the ship to be in the Main Square to see her.

There we are
There we are

I was running till the house, and waiting there. She woke up, came down with Bosco and went for a small morning walk together. Down to the river side, under the bridge, till the front of the ship and back. Unfortunately she had to go work at 9:00 PM. But every single minute with her was a gift for me. We went back till the bridge, said goodbye, and I started to walk back sadly to the ship, while she was walking back home. I got back, changed my clothes and went straight to the reception, duty called me. She started at 9:00 AM, just like me.

The ship set sail at 1:00 PM toward to Zell. I did not want to leave, but it’s not me who write the sailing plans. I was standing on the sundeck, so I could see that beautiful, and in the same time sad picture, what came in front of my eyes.

20151004_130947 20151004_131444 20151004_131219 20151004_131216 20151004_131158 20151004_131133 20151004_131058 20151004_131050

Ismeros auto a lathataron :)
Familiar car in sight 🙂

The gorgeous, picturesque view of Cochem with its castle, tiny small, colorful houses, crowded streets, its tourists. I knew that Melinda was already working, so for sure she couldn’t see me and the ship as we’re passing by. I saw the restaurant over the trees, but not herself. But this time again, the hope came back to me, that maybe next time, if I was here, maybe, we could spend more time together. Maybe.

10.06. Remich, Luxemburg

An other cruise had ended. We’re going to turn back already tonight. First to Nurnberg, later on until Budapest. Only 6 more weeks to go. My God, how fast the time is passing by. I still remember for the first day when i arrived to the ship in Andernach. 8 months ago that I embarked the ship, lives here, and still, it feels like happened yesterday.

We could disembark our guests fast and without bigger confusion, only with the taxies had a small issue. They did not come in time, did not come at all, didn’t know for who to came, did not speak english. So it wasn’t really easy to deal with them, but figured it out somehow. After the hard part, got a small time to relax, when all the previous guests were gone, and the new ones we’re not come yet. With Ari from the bar, tried to catch something for dinner for us, but it wasn’t working really well.


Ari :)
Ari 🙂
Vacsora!!! Nekik, es nem nekunk...
Dinner Time!!! For them and for us…

20151006_150430 20151006_150415 20151006_150406 20151006_150348

Also they said, that the swan-meat is not so delicious. I’ve never tried it, so I believed them. In the end, when we realised to have no chance to catch them, continued with the feeding. 3 white swans came close to us and had a late lunch under our feet. I can’t understand, how people can’t love these creatures.

Afternoon, usual rounds: guests embarked the ship one by one, with a smaller or bigger group. Smile, a little talk, waiting, check-in, next one, at you service Madame! No break, I started in the morning, finish in the evening, that’s life, but I do like it! Soon everyone is onboard, as it has to be, put them into their cabins, official welcome, dinner for them, and finally sleeping time for me. Next day is coming.

10.08 Rudesheim, Germany

Just arrived to another station of our journey, heading back to Budapest with big forces. The water is still lower than usual, but just enough for us to go through the stretches. We could see rock in the river, what shouldn’t be visible because it’s a few meters under the water level – usually. Not easy, but not impossible, all my respect to the Captains! In these waters, with these conditions, drive through this monstrous, not a pity thing. Really, full respect! We had overnight in Rudesheim, so we could go out for a dinner. In the middle of the town, there is an excellent Italian restaurant, De Toni. If you got here any time – I mean Rudesheim – by any chance, don’t miss it! Really cool, with a wonderful feeling and interior, comfortable furniture, with wonderful foods and drinks, no complains at all! During summer time, the smoking area is opened, while in the winter time it’s closed by a “glass-wall” and with a “tent” from the top.

20151008_224114 20151008_224116

I ordered a Quattro Formaggi pizza for myself, they can’t make it wrong. The others had different meals, pastas, salads, beers and wines, shots. After we finished with the dinner, I had to ran back to the ship with a take away pizza for my Boss, because what a cool guy am I?

After that, go straight to the pub, have some drink, some fun, did laugh a lot, dancing, singing Romanian-Serbian-Bulgarian-Hungarian songs, everyone what they know. The DJ played EDDA and Jazz+Az for us. I could not believe, but really, you can ask anyone, who was there, on the 8th of October in Rudesheim, from the ship. The point is, the night was really good!

Next day morning we had to sail away, first to Mainz to pick up the passengers, then go ahead to the Main River, Wertheim is waiting for us tomorrow. The Main is much smaller river than the Rheine, we can call it as a branch, comparing with the Rheine. Not so far from the confluence of the two rivers, the first lock is approaching – literally, we’re approaching the first lock on the river. I just had my break, so I was on the sundeck again, just got lost in the view. A low bridge is coming fast after the lock, everyone sat down on the bench, to not make any damage in the metal construction of the bridge.

Then suddenly, a deep, strong noise is coming, deeper and deeper, louder and louder, after that going further and further. Everyone is looking around, what was this. I looked up to the sky, and the next one was coming.

20151009_171239 20151009_173208

Mondom en, hogy ulni kellett
I told you, we had to sit down


“It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman”

Of course, Frankfurt is nearby. From the deck we could not really see the airport, but the frequency, how the passenger- and cargo-planes comes and goes, spectacular. It’s a totally different dimension than in Budapest, here A380s, 747s passing by naturally, every day. Really impressive. We’re going toward, without a stop, peacefully, in quiet. The night comes, and a new day began.

10.11. Kitzingen, Nemetorszag

Let’s jump a little in time. Today is already Wurzburg in the morning, just drop off the passengers for their tour, nothing else. Go to Kitzingen, finally a little free time out of the ship. In the evening, Boss is coming, we changed the shift, and I ran out for pizza. Literally ran out. As I discussed with the chef, the order will be ready in 30-35 mins. Perfect, I said, then I’ll be back, and went for a run. After a long time, again, finally! I did not make it long or really far, only 3-4 kilometers, just not to kill myself – this time.

20151011_195010 20151011_195746 20151011_195016

That was exactly enough, I started to feel my legs again. Returned to the pizzeria, I had to wait 5 more minutes. Good, no worries, probably I was too fast. I paid, brought back the food for the crew, included myself as well. Shower, quick dinner, and go out again for a dessert. Next to the old bridge we found a nice restaurant, and because we did not have so much time, Orsi ordered a salad, and I got a Tiramisu.

20151011_214221 20151011_215415 20151011_215338

I know, I know, now you think that what for this amount of running and workout and these things, if after that I ate a pizza and unhealthy food. But believe me, still worth it. Because after the excercise, I feel myself much better, big time, full with energy, almost as a new, fresh person. We finished with the “dinner”, paid, went back to the ship, jump on board, gangway up, push the gas pedal, and let’s go!

10.12. Bamberg (?), Germany

From this day, let me post only a few pictures from the morning. I’ve seen a lot of nice, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, cities appearing from behind the fog, but that was something different. The sky and the water haven’t been so clear and peaceful, that the sun rays could has reflection on it.

20151012_074859 20151012_074951 20151012_074945 20151012_074912

That was before Bamberg, and that night, the cruise has finished, we arrived to Nurnberg. On the next day, the same things, passenger change, check in, preparing for the next cruise.

So, that was my week. I hope you still interested about the blog, even if I disappeared for a while, or the parts start to be boring.


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