Durnstein & Wertheim walk

Dear Ladies, Gentleman!

I would like to have your attention for a second, that the following pictures can disturb your peace. We’ve got some nature-pictures from one of our agents, who is analyzing the life of the crew on a river ship 2 years ago, and he’s doing it excellent. The humans on the pictures are just fictions, any kind of matching with the real world is just accident. Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy the next part!


10.23, Durnstein

Agent to the HQ. Do you copy? Agent to the HQ. It’s already the end of October, and they’ve been working here every single day since March. For my fortune, nobody from the crew had recognized me yet, that I’m just an agent, and they have no idea about my mission. Therefore I give some free time for myself as well, just like the crew do. In this day, we are in Austria again, in Durnstein. And since we’re here, why not to go out for a small walk, and up to the ruins again, and further behind? Of course I go for it! Early arrival, guest goes out, I work a little more at the reception, and as soon I’ve finished with my duty, go to the cabin, quick change, and heading out, fast. We were docking next to another ship, where I met a few colleagues from the previous season. So on my way out, I stopped to say hello and chat for a few seconds, and continuing my trip. The Hotel Manager asked me, if I had a time, buy something for her. Sure, of course – I said – since I want to buy something for myself as well, and some gifts to home.

I have no clue, how they can manage this. Work 8-9 months straight, every day, far from everyone and far from their home. But they have endurance, for sure!!! Oh, and something else. They are really, really patient. Doesn’t matter, my feet could touch the ground again, I felt free myself, at least for a few hours. I know the way up by heart, so I reached the ruins quickly. After the fourth or fifth times, it get memorized. And really, from here, only one way goes up, you can’t get lost.

On the top, as I get used to it, the view is breath-taking. Still. As someone climbs up to the highest part of it, and have the scene, with the Danube as it goes all along, on the other side the vineyards, with Durnstein under his feet, the cars, the ships, the houses. Really, as he is on the top of the world. Spread his arms, turn around, like in the movies. Beautiful experience.

I did not spend too much time up there, I had other plans. That I go further behind the ruins, as far I can reach. I climbed up some parts, rocks, where I haven’t been before, and where a normal people don’t want to climb up. But for me, that is the point of the hiking, to discover new spots, new views. And I could not complain at all. I can’t compare with anything. I did not reach so far from the ruin, but I went to the left and right side of the path always, just to explore. Later I reached the crossroads, but this time, I did not choose the way to the “Hutte”, but to the other way on the right side, to the unknown place. With no idea, what was waiting for me.

Then, like there was a MTB race, or something like this, the surface was suitable for it. By the way, it doesn’t seem a bad idea at all, as I think it over again. Hmmm. In this paths, we could easily manage and MTB race down, or up, and we would not destroy the nature either. What a great business idea! I just got my new life-plan 🙂

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The point, it was a totally unknown field for me. I was looking from the left to the right and back, front and back, up and down, it was so beautiful. Sometimes I left the path just for fun, to have another view on the ruins, on the river, on Durnstein. And what a good idea it was.

I headed to this direction for a while, but since my time was counting, I had to turn back. But I would go further and further, you cannot imagine, how much I wanted. But work is first. In the end of this direction, a deserved selfie, what is – of course – an edited picture, and the face on it is just a fiction – again.


Then go back, I have to hurry, because the shopping is still left. So I got a higher speed down way, I was jumping, running, almost flying. But, I stopped a few times, just to take some pictures, because why not? Since that is why I was here.



Later, when I get back to the city, went through the shops, searching for some gifts. That what was on the shopping list?

  • Egg liquor with poppy seeds
  • Heart shaped gum
  • Some local liquor
  • And something else, what gets my attention

From that, I got these:

  • 2 egg liquor with poppy seeds
  • 1 pack of heart shaped gum
  • 1 apricot liquor in a beautiful, violin-shaped bottle
  • 1 bottle of ice-wine
  • 1 tube of liquid soap (apricot)

Everything was made by apricot, from the local fruit of the Wachau-valley, they produce it in enormous quantity. And the do it well! Then, after shopping, go back to the ship, and what I’ve seen? Really, the gangway is up? What’s going on here, we still had half hour until the all aboard time, then why our ship is moving?

As it figured out, the other ship had to go, we just let them depart from the dock. Already sounds better, our guests were calming down, no worries, the Captain doesn’t leave us here, just change position with the other ship, and we have to wait 10 minutes to get aboard again. In the same time, I saw someone joined to me.

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She was so cute, I can’t explain with words. Walking up and down, turning left and right, she did not know, where she was 🙂 Then our ship had docked again, and I had to go back to the ship, and leave behind this beautiful place and my new, kind friend. Thank you again for the opportunity, that I could be here, I hope you did like, and still like this place 🙂


10.30, Wertheim

Aaand again, a familiar place. Wertheim, already in the territory of Germany. Today’s plans: go up to the castle again and wonder around, later on buy some presents for the relatives. So I could not stay on board longer, as the ship had docked and I’d finished with my job – just the usual procedure -, I was on my way to the castle. Easy, could not miss it. Through the street, under the gate, until the church, then to the left, up on the stairs, and just follow the road. That’s all, easy like hell. Just a few minutes by walk, I could make it in 5-6 minutes time.

Every single time, I come here for this beautiful, amazing view. It worth every single cents, minutes. Step in the robust gate, what ask for one euro from every visitor. This time it was not working, they had a renovation. So everyone could visit this place for free. I did the same, on my “usual” path, all along the wall, up to the small southern tower, upper to the other side, and in the end, up to the top, to the highest point, where the sight is breathtaking. From there down, a small wondering, and to the city, the shopping is still waiting for me. But first, some pictures:

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5-6 minutes the way down, so I have a lot of time.

On my way down I met a few guests, was chatting a little, asking a few things, how was their day, about the tour, visited the castle? Than back to the plan, to the gift shop, to the glass blower’s shop. The Gentleman, Hans Ittig comes all the time to the ship, when we pass this area, and give a show for an hour, how to blow beautiful pieces by glass, only with the help of your lungs. Ok, I think that they use something else for the huge, colored vases, but this is also a part of the show. One thing for sure, he can make a show, sell himself and some products. In this town, he has his own shop. So I go inside, wondering. Marvelous vases, jars, pots, plates, cats and dogs. All are huge, I could not deliver it to home. I need something smaller, what I can carry back to the ship, and give back to home. And, on the last shelf, I found the things what I was searching for. So I bought an angel for home. I was on my way to pay, and the salesman told the price. Totally worth it, almost paid. Then a guest came, asking me about the gift, what is it, will I bring it back to the ship, or give to someone? The vendor just interrupted us, and let me know, that who is from a river ship, has 50% off. Hurrrrayyyy!!!!!! What a surprise! I had a clue about the sale for the guests, but for the crew as well, I did not expect it. So I bought another angel, for the price of one. Beautiful things, and the best part, they have a lightsome stands J What a great business, wonderful idea. I did the shopping, so I was happy when I left the shop, and went to the next store for some necessary staff. And then, I got in my mind, I almost forgot someone. I want to buy something for Her as well. Then go back to the shop, the sellers were smiling, as they noticed I’m back. I asked for a swan as well, and got the 50% off again. After this, heading back to the ship, for last. As I planned, the swan is for home, one angel is for my grandparents, the other is for Her.


So, that was my day. My week. Less and less left from the season, as I counted, only 21 days. That’s nothing, I could make it in any conditions. Wish me luck, hopefully everything will be fine. See you soon J


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