Sylvester Rally, Mogyorod

Here we are again, what a pleasure for me! It’s already in the New Year when I’m writing, but still about the last year. On the 29th of December, the annual (maybe the 7th) Sylvester Rally had been held, in Mogyorod. New Years Eve, Sylvester. 29th of December. Something is not ok. But it does not matter. Just to have real fun in the end of this year, with such a legendary rally cars, what nobody could see every day.

I’m not a really follower of this part of the National Motorsport Association, but I was one of them back in the time, when Ifj. Toth, Herczig, Butor, Benik, Szabo, Spczi, Turan was in the game, teared up the asphalt and gave a spectacular show to the auditions. When they turned crossways the Octavia WRC in every single turn, when the Peugeot 206 and the Ford Focus WRC  was fighting against each other and the timer, when I was astonished by the Citroen Saxo. In the present, their number are less and less, the cars are different, totally – for me unknown – categories were born. R5, R2, I have no clue what they mean.

I’m not telling you that before I was a spectator in every rally stages, but I did follow on the web, and got the news from the TV. This was maybe the 3-4th time, that I was there personally. I have to confess, it was AWESOME!!!!! I feel like I missed a lot.

So please, keep these small details in mind when you are reading this article, what’s gonna be more like a pictured-presentation than a long, written story.


So, 29th of December, I woke up before 6:00 am, to get ready. Get dressed really, really warm – it was f***ing cold outside -, prepare the sandwiches, pack the small bag for us, and let’s go!


Just almost. My friend Zsolti (my brother’s godfather’s younger son) wrote me, that they’ll be late with 10-15 minutes, his brother just having a breakfast. I said no worries, we’re already on the street, will be there later on as well. So we stepped back into the house for a few more minutes, and then out again to wait for them. Around 6:15 the “taxi” arrived, everyone find his/her place, and go to Mogyorod! The first stop was in the Ring resting-place to wait someone else, who knows a really good, spectacular place.


Had one-one sandwich, something to drink, and when the guy arrived, we followed him. I’ve never been here before, but next time for sure I’ll know the way, if I would like to come here, and by the way, why not to come here? After the place a small road on the right, up to the hill. For your information (and for everyone’s information), this one is not an asphalt road with 1-1 line. Nothing like that. Its dirt, gravel, mud all together, with a nice uphill angle. But, we could make it smoothly, surprisingly easily, not even the under body of the car was scratched. Then on the top we stopped, and see that the colleague had turned to the left and now fighting with a gate to open it. A bit later he succeeded, he passed and we also, followed the path, but first close the gate behind us. I wrote path, because it was, probably for some agricultural machines, tractors, and things like these, because for a normal daily car, it wasn’t recommended. Through forests, fields, but in the end, we found civilization, and what a nice kind of!

We parked the car, walked to the left corner. On the outside bend there was a small hump, so we settled down there and watch how these monsters are flinging out almost under our feet. This part of the stage – corrected, what I could see, whet there was no fog – was like a fast right, after this left turn, where we were, 50m straight, after a left-right (?) combination. And in the combo they’ve already disappeared from our sight, on the way down to the forest. And now I would like to keep my word, that it’s going to be a presentation with tons of pictures, since there was 265 competitors. If I wrote a few words about all of them, probably I won’t finish this part in this year. So I tried to categorize the cars by brands. Wish me good luck 🙂

At first, let me represent to you, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO category. Most of them were 8-9th generation, but the white one could be an EVO VI.

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After them, a few different kind of cars, I put them in one group. The small Peugeot 205 came with a really good speed and angle. Maybe the speed was too good, the back just broke out, swung a few times and in the end, he had an impact under our feet. Was not a huge crash, but everyone could realize that something happened, everybody is shouting, laughing, the car is in silence. A few guy were already on their way to see more. What I got, that I could see how the car turned back into the track and passed away again, and the place where he had crashed… After him, BMW, Subaru, Operl, Honda, Golf (maybe a diesel?), Renault. Watch it with as much love, passion as I did 🙂

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And then, the highlights of every rally, the specimens, the daredevils of the rallies, those, who knows, what’s the fun for everyone, who knows how to take a left turn spectacularly. Those, who do not sparing the techniques, they spin if they had to, they slide by side, if they had to, but they push it, like deaf the bell. Ladies, and Gentlemen, (almost) hundreds – just 16 pictures – of Lada’s!!!

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Next group, like Suzukis, and of course, who can’t skip any stage, without them a rally is not a rally anymore. TRABANT!!! Poor guys, they could barely came up, and with full speed they took this left turn and on the way down, there was no need to push the brake 🙂 I loved them, everybody loved them! 🙂

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All the competitors made his/her first round, the second started, but we already had a new plan. Go into the Hungaroring’s territory, they have a track there as well. It was different than in the previous years, since the Ring was under construction due to hold the international racees (F1, DTM, WTCC, Truck EC). Doesn’t matter, much better for us. Get into the car, and 15 mins later we left it again. The road which lead to the parking place, was full with cars, nobody could move forward, the line stacked, so we decided to take a walk. That was the best option, we got there much before than the others, and also it was good for the health.


To be honest, that was the first time in my life, that I was in the Hungaroring. Before the closest was, when I’ve been in the Aquapark in the neighborhood. But this is fantastic! What is not the exact track, that is a kind of maze, here is a tunnel, there is a corner, on the other side is a cross-street, so if I had to go by myslef, I would get lost. But there was someone who guided me, I was just a follower, taking pictures. Like a tourist.

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A familiar face, more precisely a familiar car appeared. From the Markom Racing Team, Ferenc Hutter and his Ford Sierra V8. Still an amazing car, with a beast sound in the tunnel 🙂 Heading toward, I did not know which direction. And in the end as it figured out, we reached the pit lane’s other side. OMG, seriously, I’m here in the Hungaroring, walking in the pit, in the park ferme? Nooo way, do we have to finish this year like this? FOR SURE YES!!!!! I took a few pictures here as well, but now I do not categorize them, I just let them flow through your mind!

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After a few minutes stroll, we get into a garage to Zsolti’s friends, as I remember, it was the No. 53. Kozma Gabor-Kazinczky Levente, and Fogasy Gergely-Viragh Attila. The engines were not running, and I did not understand even a single word what they spoke about. I was simply hypnotized by the two Subaru. If I could just sit inside, or just go with them a small round in the parking place, that would be the absolute highest point, but it was still pretty awesome! Maybe next time 🙂

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Unbelievable, what techniques these cars have, and now, they had a meeting now. i was looking from the left to the right, and back, and again back. After the visit, we went next out to the fence to watch the race. When the first round was completed, I went for my own expedition, to discover more and more. Started with the Markom Racing Team 🙂

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Around 2:00 pm we started our way out from the ring to go home after a long, but absolutely wonderful day. That’s how I closed the year 2015.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Zsolti, Dori and Akos to brought us with them, was wonderful! I hope next year we will meet somehow in a same atmosphere 🙂

See you!


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