Let the seasons begin

So. I did not write here for a while, I’m sorry. As I count it, you had to wait at least 2-3 weeks for the new part, but I hope, it worth it.

Now, I put these lines on paper on the 9th of April. We came onboard to the ship on the 17th of March, since then we’re here, we’ve preparing to welcome the guests, either physically and mentally. Not an easy job, believe me. Bigger ship (longer with more capacity, but still a river vessel), more stuff onboard, larger crew, new things. The frame is totally different, and we have to fill it up with familiar things, so everything will be fine.

Let me say a few words about the days before I came here. I want to say thank you very much for EVERYONE, who made my holiday unforgettable, to had a chance to speak, laugh, or dance with. This last month helped me a lot, meant more than anything to me. I’ve done so many things, OMG! Eger – Kolesz, Barnus, I’ll never forget it -, the dance lessons – impossible to name all of you -, the clubs and parties – even harder to tag all of you -, every day, every night was a miracle! What I can promise, that if we’re in Budapest for a night, we’ll burn down the floor, conquer the pubs, put some ink under our skin ๐Ÿ™‚ But really, thanks to everyone, that you’ve been, are and will be for me ๐Ÿ™‚ It means a lot to me. See you soon, in May!


Before I came here, I had a few things to do. First of all, one last work-out, to get some kind of shape before the season, after that the tattoo. Three of us, guys, decided to do a common tattoo, like the three little pig, the three guardians, the three wishes. But c’mon, I won’t put a piggy on my body as a tattoo. So we decided in Eger, that all of us will have the same thing, but in different places. Barnus couldn’t come with us – unfortunately -, so it was only Adam and me. Mr. Virtuoso could give us an appointment in his crowded schedule, so after the gym we went straight there. The surgery wasn’t too long, I got it on the left side of my body, on my ribs, and while Adam put his on his back, on the top of his spine, under his nape. Not really a ticklish feeling to make a tattoo on your ribs, I can prove it now. But totally worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

After we’ve finished, put some creme on the tattoo, covered it, and go home, the salsa party is waiting for me at night, who knows how many left for me (almost forgot to mention, the place ticket was still nowhere). It was interesting to dance with a fresh wound, but I enjoyed every moment of it, I’ve done what I really love. After midnight (around 3:00 am) we went home, and I figured out, that I have to catch the train at 4:15 to get home earlier than with the bus. Sunday’d gone, Monday as well, and the next dance class was already here on Tuesday. And during the day, finally we got the flight ticket for Thursday, so we did not have so much time to say goodbye, but I did not need. I’ve already spoke with everyone who I wanted, and still speak with them. Of course, my mom was in panic, that i won’t be ready with the packing, I’ll forget something at home, and the usual mom things. I said ok, relax, and went to the dance class. After that, 6 of us had a nice pizza, and – of course – I didn’t get back at home before midnight, and on Wednesday I started to pack my luggage – finally. It wasn’t more than 30 minutes, easy job. And the last dance lesson in the evening. As I planned, I go to the lesson, say goodbye to everyone, go home to sleep, since I have to wake up at 4:00 in the morning. Of course, it wasn’t as I planned. What a surprise, right? After the lesson, they made me to go for half an hour to the closest pub (Szilvuple, you have to visit it). Around midnight I went home by car, with the brand new, full black tyres. Oh yes, it’s another funny story. Happened on Wednesday, that my mom wanted to go to the shopping centre. In the morning. I mean, before sunrise. At 7:00. She left the house, and 5 minutes later came back.

– Adam, we have a problem.

– What???

– The front right tyre is totally flat. Could you please go to the gas station and by that magic foam?

– For what?

– That we can use the car for the daily things at least. – she said.

Slowly I woke up and get out from my bed, put some clothes on, went downstairs and checked the tyre. Poor boy, he was much more than dead. Totally flat.- Mom, here we do not need that magic foam. Here we need a new tyre. – I told her, and assured her to go to the tyre shop, let’s put a full new set of india-rubber round on the Honda, he really deserves it. So we jumped into the car, went down (better to say, rolled down) to the gas station, pumped up the tyre that much just to reach the shop. After we’ve arrived there, stepped into the office, and started to asking about the brands, prices. They gave us 2-3 different brands and prices, so in the end we choose the Hankook Tyres. Oh, and the I should bring some money as well? Cool, get back to the car, went to the bank, there waiting for the line, and back to the shop. I parked the car inside the yard, went into the office, paid, and in the meantime, outside, the 2 guys already started to work on the Honda. And really, like in the Formula 1, they lifted up the car, took down the wheels, change the rubbers, put back and let down a car with such a pace. The Mercedes F1 team should be jealous of them. Professional job! During this time we checked the selection of the rims as well, that which one should fit for the Honda. My mom was surprisingly interested in this thing, but when I mentioned, that if we bought the new rims for the car, I will start to modify it for my taste. And then, she said, we don’t need any new wheels ๐Ÿ™‚ So, that was my Wednesday, without any rest. Thursday morning. 4:00 am. I’ve been already waiting for my mom to take me to the Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The flight was scheduled at 6:20 am, so I got the drivers seat, and drive by heart, with a good speed, to be there in time.

Until this time everything went smoothly, we could made it 80 minutes prior the departure time, no worries. After a couple of minutes I met with Zoli (Zoli neni), and started to search together for the third guy, Richard (Ricsi). We’ve been talking, laughing, and soon Ricsi showed up, so we moved to the check-in gates. What a luck, on of Zoli’s friend started her shift just that time, and she called us to the business-class check-in gate, and finished the required procedure in no time. What else, we got a priority badge on our baggage, just to feel that they care about us.

After that, we went to the terminal, usual procedure. Through the gate, take out the things from the carry-on, bring it through the scanner, walk through the scanner, if it beeps, that searching on your body, if stay in silence, than you can pass. There was no problem, we went through easily. We picked up our stuff on the other side of the scanner, and went to the terminal. And 40 more minutes left, so I should have a coffee before I fall asleep ๐Ÿ™‚

After the coffee, we’re heading to the gates, Ricsi was already there a few minutes ago. We had to wait a little bit longer till the gates had been opened, and we could go to the plane.

I almost forgot to mention, sorry. It was not a straight flight from Budapest to Amsterdam. Noot at all, because of some reasons the gave us a flight from Budapest to Frankfurt, there change to Frankfurt to Amsterdam. We could say it was a kind of a gift, but why, I have no clue. But at least I’ve been at the airport of Frankfurt, that’s the only positive thing about it. Later on, all the positive things, feelings had left.


We’ve boarded the plane, occupied our seats next to each other. The trip was a little longer than an hour, so it wasn’t tiring. We were laughing with Zoli all the way to Amsterdam, while Ricsi was almost sleeping. Nothing like shouting, but we weren’t quiet neither. Than at the German airport, when we get off, the girl from, one row in front of us, turned back and asked if we were going to a river ship. We answered, yes, why? She said that she’s also going to a river ship, and as we figured it out, for the same ship. This is a really nice way to meet with a new crew member, probably she got the first impression of us ๐Ÿ™‚ So our little team were expanded to 4 person with Zsofi (Sophie), and headed to the next plane, which took us to the dutch capital. Everything was still smooth, normal, no complications, one more our to get there, and this airport was already familiar. We’ve landed, went out to the luggage hall and was waiting for ours. Zoli’s came in the first three, and the rest after that for Zsofi and Ricsi. But mine did not show up. I was staring at the screen, it’s written that all the baggage are on the line. I said it is impossible, since mine is not here. Ok, maybe it will come with the next plane’s round, I’ll wait for it, the pick-up time was a bit later. As it had planned, the next round came as well, without mine – again. I felt that something is not good. Almost everyone left from our plane, except a group of 3 ladies. I asked them if they were waiting for there luggage? They answered yes, so at least I wasn’t the only one. We were waiting and waiting patiently, when I told to the others, go, don’t miss the transfer to the ship, I’ll go as soon as I got my things. They went, and I stayed there. But still the luggage did not come. When I saw one guy with a “STAFF” logo on his back, I went there to ask what to do now. He replied, that the office is over there, and left me alone again, like he doesn’t care at all. Cool. I went to the group to inform them, that there is the place to report your lost luggage. They said thank you, and together we went there to stay in the – already really long – line. Meanwhile the next plane had arrived with the Romanians, and they spotted me immediately. George (Gyuri bacsi – Barkeeper) asked that where are the others. I told him that probably already on the ship, and I’m just waiting here for my lost luggage. He said that’s sucks, see you onboard. Their baggage arrived also, so they made their way out to the meeting point, and then the line had been shorter with one person. Finally. Within a few minutes, again. Since there was nothing to do, I started to chat with my new fellows. They came from South-Africa, to stay here (in Amsterdam) for one week, after that travel again all over in Europe. Not a bad lifestyle, what could I say. And in the end, finally we got there, stepped into the office. I said that my luggage get lost, at least I think, since I’ve been waiting for it 2 hours ago, and still nothing. Okay then, I’ll need your flight number, personal details. Sure, after few minutes the administration had been done, and she printed out one piece of paper. My luggage will arrive with the next plane from Frankfurt. It means 2 more hours waiting for me. Wonderful, just wonderful! I wrote a message to the Hotel Manager that I have a tiny problem here at the airport, but I’ll be there as fast as I can. Relax, calm down she said, the ship will stay in one place for a few more days, no hurry. Cool. So I took out my laptop and started to watch “How I Met Your Mother”. Later on, another group of passenger are coming, from Asia. And who showed up there? Ari, one of the bar-waiters, heading to the line to pick up his luggage. I yelled to him, he got surprised that what I’m still doing here. I told him the story in short, while Rok also arrived. Ari went out with his things, Roki stayed there with me, waiting for his luggage. 10-15 more minutes later, finally, thanks to God, his luggage came, and mine as well, straight after his! We picked them up, and ran out to the meeting point. But for nothing. Nobody was there for us, not even a single sign. Really, this day couldn’t be better!

We called the bus driver, wrong number was the answer. Ok. We called the Hotel Manager then, she sent us the correct number. It was exactly the same, but we gave a try for that. Same answer, wrong number. Let’s call the office. They picked up the phone, discussed the situation, they will call us back as soon as they get some information. In the same time ย I started to ask about taxi prices and train tickets, since I was sure that the driver won’t be back for us. 30 more minutes waiting for the call, and nothing. I had enough, went to buy the train tickets for all of us, not a big deal, it’ll take us there where we have to go, after that from the station we’ll walk to the ship, I don’t care. I bought the 6 tickets and went down to the platforms.

2 minutes left until the arrival of our train, when Ari got a phone call from the office. He went up because under the ground he couldn’t hear anything. Than our train went out from the station. Woo, that’s it! Someone, or something really doesn’t want me to be onboard! Than Ari came back that the driver is here for us, just arrived. I said amazing, what a surprise, he couldn’t came 5 minutes earlier, no way! Doesn’t matter, just made my day more exciting ๐Ÿ™‚ And then, 2 more hours on the bus, and we’ve been arrived to the docking place, to the ships, to our new ship!!!

Last year this whole trip was only 3 hours, while this year it took around 8 hours. But not a problem at all, we’re here, that’s the point! Zoli bacsi was welcoming me at the reception, that he has two bad news. First, that a Bulgarian guy is my roommate. Second, that he’s the Bulgarian one. I told him, you’re already drunk, or you’re just simple stupid ๐Ÿ™‚ Than he explained to me that he’d arranged the cabin change, to be in the same room. Just the best!!! But really, you can’t even wish such a good roommate like Him! Later on I met with the others, everyone was asking about my luggage, did I get it or not? I said of course I have it, after a few hours of waiting, but it’s already with me.

At night we had a quick get together meeting, everyone introduced themselves in a ย few words. I already know most of them from the previous year, years, and the new ones seems totally normal. When the Hotel Manager and the Captain reaches the end of their speak, some of the crew members almost fell asleep, so they’ve finished with their stories. Next day we had to wake up at 7:00 in the morning, than work until we die – almost, since we have just a few days to prepare the ship for the first passengers.

In just a few words, we’ve been working from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm to be ready until the deadline, and our floating market had to be look like it’s a 5 star hotel. The way to success was filled with smaller-bigger issues, problems, some “nice” words, drinks, anger, but in the end, on the 26th, everything was ready for our first guests. The ship was nice, tidy and sexy, as it meant to be, ready for the 10 months long season! The more important, are we ready for them? Just the hardest question. One is for sure, the first few weeks gonna be interesting, for us, for the passengers. Wish us good luck, later on I’ll post new things as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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With greetings from the windy, cold, rainy, cloudy, wet, but still full with the smell of weed, and because of this, happy Amsterdam!




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