On the way to home

Mar egy hete csak…

Jozsef Attila – Mama

Already a week ago, that we left Amsterdam, and start to sail to my loved hometown, Budapest. Finally, from here (Nuremberg) just one more week and I’m there! There will be the usual things, meeting with the family, friends, and if everything goes fine, than DANCE on Saturday’s afternoon!!! 🙂 But before that, I mean before we left Amsterdam, I’ve been in a wonderful place!

Has anybody ever heard about Keukenhof? Yes? No? If yes, than it’s okay, if not, than it’s sad. Keukenhof, or if you would like to translate it, the Garden of the Kitchen. Sounds strange, right? In the old times it was a marshland, first mentioned around the 15th century. And then where this name come from? Once upon a time happened, also in the old times, that Jacqueline, the Countess of Hainaut’s Castle collected the herbs from this place for herself. This is the most famous and world-wide-known story, so I accept this one.

The tulip-exhibition is placed in an enormous territory, but really. They plant 7 million (!!!) tulip-bulbs in the end of every March, in 3 layers (deepest thee late-bloomers, in the middle the normal ones, on the top the early-bloomers), just for those 7-8 weeks, when the weather and everything is fine for them to shine like a star, and welcome the millions of the tourists, and if they’re lucky, to sell tons of the bulbs. Kind of Wonderland. From Amsterdam, the trip is 1 hour by bus, but totally worth it. In two hours you can’t see even the half of the exhibition, doesn’t matter if you’re running. Just impossible. On your way for sure you’ll stop to take some pictures, or just slow down to check something, or maybe step into one pavilion. You can’t escape from it. You need at least half day, but maybe more to go around and see everything. Amazing! Next to the main pavilion, a picture is always been “painted” by tulips, usually from a famous Dutch painter. Last year it was one from van Gogh, this year I wasn’t there to check, we went to another direction – almost forgot to mention, two of my colleagues joined me on the tour. We decided that our way will go to the lakes first, after that – just to risk the impossible – go to the other side of the whole place, to the windmill. The first minutes had been spent with wondering, standing in one place and just looking around, taking pictures of everything. And we did not regret it, even if we’re moving really slowly. Red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, white, black, the tulips wore all the colors. Breathtaking view, literally. Than when we finished with the first part of our plan, checked our watch. We had to hurry, if we wanted to succeed. So we switched the gear, almost running to the windmill. Almost, because on the shortest way there was the main pavilion, and when we’ve entered there, we must stop and wondering, even if we didn’t want. Not just for a short time. Not just once. But a lot of times, and for longer times. You can’t miss it, it would be a big sin. Who wasn’t there, for them I can’t describe it, not even with pictures. Doesn’t matter if it was inside or outside. After a while we continued our trip to the windmill. And from the other end of this place, we could see our target. When we’ve reached it, we realized that there’s a line to enter inside. Excellent. We have 35 minutes to wait in the line, go up, take photos, and get back to the main entrance, since the bus was leaving. So in the end, we missed a lot of this place, a million photos were not taken, but every single second worth it, another lifetime memory. But the work was calling us, so we had to catch the first bus back.

So, with these kind of memories, pictures, I saying goodbye to Amsterdam for this year. Maybe from the rainy, windy, cloudy Netherlands as well. See you in 2017 – maybe. Or maybe in this year with Belgium? Who knows 🙂

So, after we left the capital of the Netherlands, we set sail down on the Rhine (util Mainz), after on the Main (between Mainz and Bamberg), later on the Main-Danube-Canal (Bamberg-Regensburg), and in the end, on the Danube (from Regensburg to Budapest). This whole trip takes 2 weeks for us, it’s not so bad. For my luck, none of the days are boring, we’ve been in Nuremberg just yesterday (8th of May), exactly in the half of the cruise. But what happened until now, let me tell you.

Running, work-out, running, running, and a little more running. And a wonderful meeting.

About the running, I just stepped up one level.

In the end of October, there will be a Half Marathon, and for that I would like to prepare myself, and I feel that I’m heading in the right way.

I’ve started on the 30th of April in the capital of the Netherlands with an easy 8.73 km long run, but not in the regular direction, but to the other way from the ship, to the industrial harbor. Easy, you can’t really get lost, you just have to follow the main street, somewhere turn back and do the same way, that’s it. Unfortunately, after 3-4 kilometers, I started to feel a pain in my left knee, even with the protector. Something is wrong, I have to check it with a doctor during my vacation, please don’t forget to remind me, thank You! But I did not care, I made it, even if the end was a little hard. 45 minutes, still with a good average.



2nd of May, the next round, in a familiar place with the Big Boss, around 6:00 am. In the morning! Yes, that’s how much I love running! 3.36 km, 23 minutes, which is pretty good for her, and I can be proud of Her! 🙂 I took her with me last year, and since then, if she feels it, she join me.

And on the 3rd of May, I’ve met with Melinda again. After she finished in the work, she drove to Koblenz to meet, and I was unbelievably happy to see her, to speak with her. She came on board, checked it, and I think, she liked it. She couldn’t compare it with the previous one. I do hope to see her again – probably not on a ship, because this year we’re not going on the Mosel -, but maybe somewhere, sometimes 🙂

2 days later, on the 5th of May, the first bigger challenge. Miltenberg, already in the territory of Germany. I’ve been here a few times, running a little, but never more that 5-6 kms. And I’ve missed the little castle on the hill, so I had to visit that place this time, and I’ve started. To the right from the ship, up to the castle (uphill, on stairs, on gravel), after that to the city. I did not have any exact target, just run as I want. After a while I left Miltenberg and went to another village, in the end of that I turned back, went next to the river, and continued my running along the Mosel back to the ship. On the 10th kilometer I’ve met with my colleague, we made 1000 meters together, in the last hundred with sprint. After that he gave up, he died, but he’s pretty quick, to be honest. I went for a little longer, around 2.5 km more, so the total is: 13.29 km, 1 hour, 11.5 minutes. Which is a really good time – if you count the way up.


Next day, Friday night. Kitzingen. First check-point is the pizzeria – and for me a chicken-salad -, they need 30 minutes to prepare them. So this time I go for a speed, not for a distance. Sometimes it’s good to do like this. A nice 23 minutes long run, the result is 4,67 km, after that a few minutes ABS workout.


And now, the run, the distance, the occasion, which makes me the proudest person of the world! I wasn’t so proud even for the 20k in Vienna, which is almost a Half Marathon. But this one, this was totally different. 8th of May, the half of the trip, Nuremberg. I always wanted to run, walk, bike next to the canal, but I’ve never had a chance before.  Okay, only until the first lock and back, which is only 4 kilometers. Or maybe to the city center and back, which means 14-15 km. But still nothing in compare with this one. I could deal with the Captain (different one than last year), that I go running when the ship will leave, and they’ll pick me up in the 2nd lock on the way. First time, the Second Captain did not agree with this idea, but later I asked the First Captain. He straight said yes, go for it, since he’s also a sportsman. He said, no worries, go for it, he’ll speak with the lock master that I can jump aboard in the lock, or before that. So, when all the passengers were back, I left the ship, and started my session. Fortunately you can’t get lost in this stretch, you just have to run next to the water, and that’s it, just follow the street. When I get there, the ship was nowhere. I ringed up the lock master, that I’m here and waiting for my ship. Since my German knowledge is the same like his English, we couldn’t get further with the logistic. So I’ve started to ask random people for a mobile phone, because mine was not working. In the end, for the 3rd try, a nice family gave their phone to me for a call. I dialed the ship to ask, where are they. My Boss said that they are on the way, but not even close to the lock. I said cool, than I’ll wait. I had time for a little workout and to stretch as well, until the beautiful floating hotel appeared on the horizon. She came with proud, with strong, with a nice speed, to be honest with too much speed. It did not seem that she wanted to pick me up before the lock, I was a little worried. But in the end the Captain decided to go with the ship close to the shore to pick me up. So, in the end, they stopped for a second, just to pick me up and continue our trip together. After 40 minutes waiting, I was on board again, and on my way to Regensburg.

The numbers: 14.38 km, 1 hour 16,5 mins, Nuremberg – Leerstetten. This is one step on the way of improvement.



After this I needed a little pause, like for 5 days. That’s how we get to the 13th of May – one day before I had my birthday, thank you -, and to Bratislava. During the day I took a rest, in the evening a quick run. Literally quick one, I did not have much time again. After work, a short warm up, and let’s go, as fast as I can. And it was surprisingly good, 4.52 kilometers within only 20:33 minutes, which is the 2nd (!!!) fastest in overall on the 4-6 kilometers distance! I like it!


Then a shorter time without running again, and it’s already the 18th of May, our second day in Vienna, and of course, we have to go running in the morning, we can’t miss it. The girls were there again, so just easy.

I love running, on the bank of the Danube, this small part is full with bunnies – some extra for the view -, who are running across the street in front of us. Beautiful, lovely view. And what makes me more happy, that my colleagues could keep the nice peace, 3.91 km in 26 minutes, a superb form from them! Congratulation in this way as well!!! 🙂



In short and briefly, that’s what happened with me in the past 2 weeks – okay, I missed Budapest. Maybe I’ll write about it later. See You soon!


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