Micro gastro-blog, part 4

Here I am, once again with this topic, Ladies and Gents. During the last few days I’ve had the opportunities to try out some new places, what I would never try by myself, on my own. The first one offered me some familiar tastes, the second one was totally new, and the third one, leave it as a surprise. Just FYI, I’m not a gourmet, neither a sommelier, so please do not take my opinions as a lead. But still, if you don’t  mind, I would like to share my experiences with you, maybe you wanna try one of these places. And then, who knows, maybe these advises could be useful!

Los Caballeros – Linz

Let’s start at the beginning. With my college we decided that we would like to eat outside of the ship. I mean in some restaurant, not on the street. And why not to eat sushi? Please note, that I’m not a fan of the sushi, I’ve never really had any kind of connection with a raw fish or any kind of Japanese food. But I was excited, maybe something good comes out from this occasion. I agreed, let’s eat something beside the schnitzel, chicken, pizza and the salads. I’ve finished with my duty, she did as well, and we went to explore the city. I’ve tried to remember for restaurant on the map, by hearth – unsuccessfully. After a few questions we still could not find the place, so we determined that we will take the next restaurant what we’ll find, and eat something there. After 2-3 minutes walk we found a Mexican restaurant, hidden under a gate, inside of the building, but still opened. So we stepped inside and had a look.


The kitchen was open until midnight, so we still could order some food. I won’t tell you our choices, but it was a kind of Chimichanga. Filled with meat, vegetables, on the side with beans, red cabbage, fried potatoes and carrot. As a beverage we’ve ordered a good red wine, just to be sure about the good atmosphere – since the one glass of red wine is almost mandatory for everyone. The place itself is f***ing cozy, but really, in the middle of Austria – okay, Linz is on the northern part of the country – we’ve felt that we’re in Mexico, sombreros, peppers, cactus were everywhere, red/orange-white-green colors all around, and fine latin music. And not the regular ones what you can hear on the radio every day, but unusual ones, what I’ve never heard anywhere before, just on my laptop, or in salsa clubs. Really cool, in all point of views. The service is nice, polite, fast, the food is a big portion, you can feed up your stomach. And it’s delicious, no doubt! And how does it looks, makes the guest hungry, so hats off! The prices are good, so anyone can come here for a nice dinner, and I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR EVERYONE!

YOHM – Vienna

I did not trust even in it’s name. The plan was the same like in Linz, find some Japanese restaurant for sushi, have a dinner and go back to the ship, and next day morning, I supposed to run with my colleagues! There was just one difference at the beginning of the night, and it was that I’ve been prepared for it. When we left the ship, I’ve already had a map in my pocket, that I’ll show the way to her, where is this place, no worries. I checked 3 different Japanese restaurants in the city. One is close to the Stephanplatz, the two others are a bit further, next to the Museum-Square. Just in case if the first option is not open anymore, we have two more choices to eat.

We get on the subway, until the city center, after that checked the map to get some directions to the first choice. And what a surprise, they were still open, so we asked for a table for two person. It’s located in a small, quiet place, separated with nice flowers, small trees, so nobody could disturb the guests on the terrace. That’s why we choose the table on the fresh air with a beautiful view, what was provided by the church in our neighborhood. We’ve ordered the food – sushi, maki, wasabi, soya sauce and all the usual things for this stuff -, asked for nice white wine by 1-1 glasses, and wait for our orders. The weather was just beautiful, the place was quiet, the sound from the main street was really low. Soon the plates had arrived. Nicely placed, 8 sushi, 6 maki, or something like this. The eating sticks were already prepared, but for the rookies there were the usual fork-knife duo. And because I don’t have any kind of relationship with these tools, I choose the metal cutlers. My colleague, as a professional, started to use the sticks and started to eat like a Japanese. I’ve also tried out this style, with more or less success. But at least I’ve tried it, so I could be proud of myself, and I am! 🙂 The place itself is elegant, almost noble, very good situated, the food is excellent – I’m not so sure about it -, the service was kind. The pricing was a little bit high than the normal, but it still worth it, I think.

ELLA’S – Vienna

Any thoughts, what kind of restaurant was it? Yes, it was another in Vienna, but what can I do, if I had time only here to go out for a dinner? Doesn’t matter, that’s not the point.

At this time I’ve choose a Greek restaurant, to avoid from what happened in Linz. Map in the hand, mark the place, where to go. In the end of the shift I had to wait a little for my colleague, after that go to the city! I felt that we’ll find it easily, for first try, won’t be any problem. It’s almost on the same place like the Japanese, just a little bit further. So the same route, subway to the city center, take off and go to the right, take the little hidden streets, but in the end we could not find it. To make a note on the side, the map was not he best either, some of the streets are not showed there. So we’ve walked a little more, and in the end I’ve stepped into one restaurant just to ask about our target. The waiter was very helpful, and showed us where is that Greek restaurant, in the end of that small alley, on the other side of the square. We said thank you, and walked there. From the outside the place looked elegant with a terrace, with nice lights, separated by olive trees. Inside it looked more elegant than from the outside, the white color was dominating, leather furniture, modern shapes. Not that really, deeply traditional Greek restaurant what you would expect, but they’ve got the feeling. Okay, the blue color and the zorba music was missing.

The service was professional, they were polite, nice, always asking what we would like to have. I asked for a table for two on the terrace. Our waiter – I think he was a new guy here, he was shaking, was worried a little, when we asked him how they make the food -, but all the rest was excellent. He brought immediately the wine-card and the menu. I’ve suggested for ourselves a nice 5* Metaxa as an aperitif, next to the main course we’ve asked for a dry white wine (Ktima White). I’ve choose a lamb, so the white wine was not the best option, as I know, for this meat they usually suggest a red wine. But doesn’t matter, next time I’ll choose something else. I’ve almost forgot the smell, the taste of the Metaxa, but this drink is really something. Smooth, nice, delicious, as the smell as the taste, not so strong – compare to a home made Palinka -. To make a short overview of the dinner, it was not my best dinner. The lamb itself was outstanding, the sauce was the cherry on the top. But the rest, what to say, not my world. Some kind of cooked Greek pepper with a few tons of vegetables, cous-cous (I did eat it). So it was a tiny mistake in my system, but doesn’t matter, the lamb was really delicious and enough as well, the wine was nice, the company was fabulous, so no complains in the end. When we asked for the bill, the waiter came and asked me a little surprised, was there something wrong with the food? I told him everything was fine, just not really for my taste, I’m not a big vegetable fan, that’s all. We’ve payed, and to be honest, I think this place  is a little bit overpriced. The portions were not so big, the location is a little bit hidden and out of the bigger street’s range, and I’ve spent a better dinner for a lower price. So all together, I’d rate it as a strong average. If you search for a Greek restaurant in the Austrian capital, and have no other options, then you can go here. But if you know any other places what you prefer, choose that one.

So, if you would be interested about my opinion, that’s how I see these three restaurants in Vienna. Maybe not the most reliable source and description, for sure not the most professional, but at least it lays on my own experiences.

Bon Appetit, enjoy the new part!



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