Micro gastro-blog, part 5

And yes, finally, our restaurant-recommendation part of the blog (originally it was planned as a cooking show, but I couldn’t manage to go to the kitchen) is back, now from the lower Danube, on the way down from Budapest. This time we’ll take a closer look at one Serbian and two Bulgarian restaurants. Here’s this week’s recommendation:

Osam Tamburasa – Novi Sad, Serbia

One of the most beautiful, best located restaurant I’ve ever tried. Situated in the fortress of Novi Sad, just over the city with a nice terrace, breath taking view, friendly staff. Few weeks ago, when we had the tour with the guest under the castle, after the walk we decided to have a dinner here. The place was already chosen at the beginning of the tour because of the terrace and the feeling. In the end of the tour we’ve asked the group leader if the restaurant accept euros. He was not sure about it, so gave us some local currency and said that I can give him back tomorrow in euro, we’ll see each other again.But I’ve already wrote about it, more information: On the way to the South, 1st part

As I mentioned, the view from the terrace was really amazing. The city with all its lights, in front of us (me) the watch tower, under us the Danube and the bridge, something really unique. The outdoor place was covered with a tent because of the wind, so I couldn’t make any good pictures – so just believe me, it’s beautiful. The crew was really nice, smiley and friendly, we had the first impression about the waitress, that she’s a trainee here, but later on she encouraged herself and been a professional with a really good English language and nice service. We’ve ordered one-one Shopska salad, some Serbian main courses – of course some meat, one jug of Serbian red wine, and everything was good. The beverage was surprisingly tasty. Not too acid, not too dry, close to the semi-dry ones, without a strong after-taste. The salad was excellent, except the tomato, but I left it there. But the meat, wow. That was something, how they’ve made this Cevapcici. On the side I’ve got some potato-mash, and with sour cream on the top.

I’ve couldn’t miss it. The portion was really big, the flavors were excellent, the smell was beautiful, the food itself looked appetizing, the feeling was fabulous, and the view, breathtaking. Really, everything was in its place in order, everything was fine, as it had to be. Be in a foreign country’s unknown city, in its restaurant. If all the restaurants were like this, we could live in a different world, I tell you now. I really can’t find a weak point of it, not even the opening time was rushing us, so it was the best restaurant so far, what I’ve tried out of Hungary. Much respect, 10/10 points!!! And the bonus in the end, that we could pay with euro, so we saved the tour guide’s money. Or almost. The taxi – what the waitress ordered for us and explained to him where he has to take us – didn’t accept euro, so we had to pay by Serbian dinar. The ride was longer than on the way up here, we had to go around the castle (about 4 km), and we paid around 2(!!!) euro-worth dinar. Unbelievable, at home the taxi won’t come for you for this price, not talking about to take you from A to B…


Fish & Grill – Vidin, Bulgaria

Yes, I’ve been here, I’ve made it. I had a dinner on the Danube, and no, not on the ship. Okay, this is not proper. Not on the ship where I work. But just in front of our floating home. During daytime the place wasn’t friendly so I couldn’t see the place, since I wasn’t outside. But at night, when we went out for a walk, and were on the way back to the ship, we saw it. Here is the Danube, nothing cheering, but we’ve been hungry. So there is nothing else left, move to the front, check out this place.

They offer a place with a nice feeling and furniture. Nice staff again. “Fresh” air. Fish. Fish, and I almost forgot, a little fish as well. But they had something else as well, like chicken, beef, duck and the regular things. First we did find a table on the ground floor, but after one minute one just got empty on the top floor, so we moved there. The waitress came to take the order. For a start we asked for a jug of white wine, one glass of Rakia per person, my colleague ordered a salad with tuna fish (?), just to be on the safe side about huger.

This Rakia staff is not a bad thing. Not for empty stomach. Not as strong as my grandfather’s schnapps, you can drink it, but neither the thing what I would drink every morning after the alarm clock. This time, as a main course, I had a Danube catfish with sour-cream sauce, she had a river trout filled with bacon. The dose was huge again, I couldn’t manage to have it all, but she. Shame on me, or congratulations to her, you can decide it. But let’s say I was on diet, and it covers everything 🙂


All in all, the food was delicious, but did not turn me into a fish-fan. The drink were nice, the white wine wasn’t local but never mind. The spotlight was on the Rakia, what passed the test. As an appetizer I can recommend it, doesn’t burn you from the inside so much, doesn’t hit your head, but neither has this lukewarm-water feeling. And since it was from here, that’s a good point! The place during the night is really friendly, during the day I have no idea, so it goes to the pro side of the list. The staff was nice, friendly, their English was not the best, but my colleague is Bulgarian, so they could speak fluently in their language, what helped us a lot. I would go back any time when we’re in Vidin, this was the best and most friendly place close by, at least it seemed. It worth a shot!


Chiflika – Rousse, Bulgaria

Probably I ran out of luck, I couldn’t find a website for this restaurant, so without any factual evidence you have to trust me on this one.

In Bulgaria I’ve been around in 4-5 different restaurants (few years ago during a vacation close to Nessebar), but this is way far the best of them. As you enter to this place, the feeling, the atmosphere hits you in your face, the smell of the “vintage” things. But not this rotten smell, but the nice, cool smell of the old things. On the left there is a wooden cart, 2-3 shelves filled with straws, with different, older and older vines placed on it. Red, white, rose, you can find everything here. If you can buy them for take away, I don’t know, but as a decoration, it’s the perfect shot. The whole place is white from the inside, the beams looks like fresh painted, and the upper floor looks even better – now it was closed unfortunately. In another part of the restaurant a local band played some local music and songs, but we placed ourselves to a more quiet corner after a long day – not long time ago I was passing by here during my run! For starter we got a shot and a bottle of Greek (?) red wine, what had a really interesting vanilla smell. And for my surprise, it wasn’t a sweet red wine. Something new finally, if a wine had this smell, than it was a sweet one, or if the taste was different, than it wasn’t so good for the nose. But this one here, this one was something different then before. And I did like it, so we brought one bottle of this to the ship. But first we had a beautiful dinner. I – be aware, surprise!!! – had a Cesar-salad with a lot of chicken, she ordered a soup, a little portion of salad and some meat for main course.

And the result? She ate more than me – again. On my side the salad didn’t change the world, but the atmosphere of the place took it all. Okay, in the end the band changed the Bulgarian folklore music to some new-generation Happy Birthday songs, what seemed a little bit weird in this place. But it didn’t disturbed us, really, the furniture had the show – at least from my side. I couldn’t taste most of the dishes, just the salad, but that one was really healthy, the portion was very good again. The beverages were also first class, the service excellent. If I had to mention something what I didn’t like, than it was the band in the end, but it’s not like an everyday thing. I think. So, at this night, for the Chiflika Restaurant, with a broken and sad hearth, but I give 9,5 points!

So, if you took my advise, try these places. Don’t let the opportunity go, to taste the really national culinary of Serbia and Bulgaria with the warm welcoming and the choices of the F&B. Royal, tasty, very good atmosphere what will welcome You everywhere – I’m sure about this!

Bon Appetite!



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