My Trending Stories-adventure begins

My dearest Readers, Followers, Friends, Everyone, who reads these lines.

A short time ago I’ve got an interesting message from the My Trending Stories website, that they would love to give me an opportunity to be in a Contributor Position on their website. Later on, we’ve e-mailed to each other a few times, and today, on the 30th of August, 2016, I’ve decided, that I would be a part of this. The time has come to “grow” a little bit, and from now on I’ll edit not only my own blog, but one as well on another website.

It’s still a surprise and – of course – an honor, that they’ve contacted me and offered this. That’s why it worth all the seconds and nights, that in the end it pays off. That you see, someone reads your blog, interested about what do you have. That’s why it worth to keep up with the things what people loves.

I’m really looking forward for this coopoeration with, waiting for the feedbacks and results about my “shared” works, because life can always bring something nice, something new andventurous.


Have a nice evening Everyone! 🙂



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