Cuba, Day 3

15th of January, 2017


So, this part’s going to be very short. Short, because I didn’t do anything, literally. I woke up at 8:30 am for the breakfast. Papi brought the courses, the coffee, milk and now something else, a muffin filled with jam, under the cup. Hmmm, better and better, day by day 😊! Then the girl from the neighborhood joined for the breakfast. Since I don’t speak their language, we couldn’t talk much, and because she didn’t speak mine, she couldn’t communicate with me. And this really disturbed me. I do understand what they speak. But I can’t reply to their words… Thank you Xantus, that you took it from me… But it’s too late, I’ve got a new goal in my life, I have to learn to speak Spanish finally, normally.

And to summarize my day, how interesting it was, I wrote a few points about it.

  1. I was reading a little on the terrace, and watched the locals how they spend their days,
  2. Went down to the sea and read a few more pages. I found a dry place on the wall, I took my shirt off and spent there around 2 hours. I was listening the music of the ocean, but it was still quiet,
  3. I went back to the apartment, and slept a little,
  4. Watched a movie, and wrote a few pages,
  5. I went back to the terrace to finish a few more chapters of my book,
  6. I had a nice walk around the neighborhood, came back, took a shower and went to bed early,
  7. And of course, decided to go tomorrow to the consulate, I need to arrange a few things about the money and the flight ticket.


So, really, that was all my day, nothing else happened. The night has come early, and I went to sleep again.


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